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Michelle Mitchell

Michelle’s passion for kombucha started over a decade ago and led to her founding Humm. She is the primary keeper and driver of Humm’s amazing culture and brand ethos within our staff-centric organization as well as overseeing brewing methods and ensuring that the taste profile of Humm’s kombucha is both excellent and consistent. She believes her mission is to bring love and light to the world and is instrumental in creating an air of positive energy and forging a culture of joy and freedom at Humm. Michelle worked for 6 years in sales and fundraising for Great American Opportunities and the Southwestern Company, earning top sales awards each year before founding Humm. She is fluent in Spanish and studied Arabic extensively while spending time in the Middle East. She has competed in three Ironman triathlons and spent 3 years traveling around the world before settling in Bend, OR.  Michelle is a graduate of Central College where she studied Music and Spanish and Biology.