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Eric Plantenberg

Longtime friend of Michelle and Jamie’s, Eric was in the kitchen making Jamie and Michelle sandwiches when they decided to launch Humm in 2009.  Eric was the Co-Founder and CEO of a premier personal development company where he spent 17 years working with Fortune 100 companies on topics such as leadership, goal setting and company culture.  Eric joined Humm full-time in April 2013 and was instrumental in raising capital for the company’s first brewery, assembling the board of directors, and recruiting the current management team.  In July 2015 he began leading our sales and marketing efforts and has been pivotal in securing Target as our first national partner and is managing Humm’s growth​ at Costco, Walmart and other major retailers.  Eric has a B.S. in Consumer Science from the University of Wisconsin. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Eric has extensively traveled the planet, completed the Ironman four times and reached the summit of Mt. Everest.