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Mackenzie Stabler

Mackenzie is a veteran staffer at Humm Kombucha who, since 2011, has thrived within — and helped establish — the go-getter and figure-it-out culture that Humm-sters are known for.

Her ability to acclimate to rapidly-changing roles and processes has been well utilized at Humm, where she has done everything from staffing farmers’ markets and hand washing kegs to developing the brew team and codifying its processes. She has led the packaging team, served as plant manager in Humm’s new 40,000 sq ft brewing facility and currently serves as Humm’s R&D Manager.

Mackenzie’s passion for ducks, trucks, horses, sushi, Hong Kong, tiny houses, places away from people, daffodils, tulips, freesia, math, red shoes and rugged survival-based adventures keep her showing up with fresh ideas and new inspiration. She believes that her greatest accomplishment has been to manifest her dream life.